Important places:

The nodes of the quantum network are distributed over the city of Vienna, and the main location hosting the demonstration is the SIEMENS-Forum. The second day including conference reception and the third day will be held at the Technical Museum Vienna.


Most of our guests will arrive in Vienna by plane at the Airport Wien-Schwechat. The public connections to Vienna are included there as well. Also the Slovakian Airport Letisko Bratislava might be another alternative, but the time for the subsequent travel to reach the Vienna's city center with the bus increases to 1hour and 40 minutes (30 minutes to/from Wien-Schwechat).


We have now made an arrangement with the Autria Trend Parkhotel Schönbrunn for a special rate for visitors of the conference (Reservation form: English, German, please mind the booking deadline 16.9.). The hotel was built as guest house of the emperor Franz-Josef I in 1907 and is located right next to Schönbrunn Palace with its magnificent park. The hotel is in walking distance of the Technical Museum (venue of second and third day), and 25 minutes metro ride from the Siemens Forum (venue of first day).

If you prefer staying in the Vienna City Center, or looking for a different hotel, you can visit the quite useful page for Visitors in Vienna including hotels and sightseeing and the online city map. The important locations for the event are easy to reach from almost the entire city with public transportation.

Check out the weather information at the Central Institute for Metereology.