Partners & Sponsors

We thank the following enterprises and persons for sponsoring the SECOQC QKD Network Demonstration and the Conference:

idQuantique SA, Geneva
Manufacturer of finest Quantum Cryptographic equipment since 2001

id Quantique is a leading provider of encryption applicances based on Quantum Cryptography. id Quantique also manufactures a wide range of hardware products for the optical instrumentation market, like single photon counting modules, short pulse laser sources, and quantum randum number generators.
idQuantique is SECOQC project partner and is providing additional funding for having a folder included in the conference information package.

Siemens AG Österreich

Siemens AG Österreich is active in Quantum Cryptography since 2002 as part of the Vienna Quantum Cryptography Cluster. Their main expertise is in the integration of Quantum Cryptographic Key Distribution systems into existing applications and infrastructures.
Siemens is SECOQC project partner and bearing part of the expenses for the demonstration event.

Nokia Siemens Networks

NSN is one of the world's largest network communications companies – with 60,000 employees and a leading position in all key markets across the world. NSN is providing the fibres for the SECOQC Network.

Quantum Communication Victoria

QCV is the premier facility for Quantum Communication technology in Australia and is located in the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne. The QCV flagship device is a diamond-based single photon source primarily suitable for optical fibre-based Quantum Communications.
QCV is providing additional funding for having a folder included in the conference information package.


SmartQuantum develops, designs, manufactures and commercialises top level security products for high-speed networks using very innovative technologies, including high-speed hardware encryption & quantum cryptography.

SmartQuantum solutions are adapted for the telecom, the industrial, the financial and the defence sector.